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Blue Hour

Blue hour, is a light that digital transforms in three different dynamic atmospheres through the use of LED’s and special effects.

Blue hour, is a theatrical spectacle of three light transformations through the use of special effects. An object of wonder with an analogue and humanized approach to the use of technology. It explores what opportunities exist to create alternative forms of performance within the domestic habitat by bringing life to the phenomenon of static interiors in a technology age. It will shatter the silence of your home with an exciting spectacle of colours and movement. Photographer: Juuke  Schoorl

500 mm
500 mm
850 mm
Acrylic tube, Stainless steel, PP, Foam, Foils

To realize this project I hacked a turntable and used a high power Led connected with a proximity switch that is synchronized with a high power LED and two LED strips. All of the components are controlled with the Arduino software. While the light is changing, the mirroring cylinder transforms a transparent space with handmade abstract flowers. Through the special effect the flowers come to life and show a story in a few seconds. Photographer: Juuke  Schoorl

This animation technique evokes the illusion of artificial portrayal of blooming that will provoke your creative mind and bring back the wonder of observation. The round-mirrored surface gives a distorted picture of its environment. It is a centrepiece that triggers the viewer his curiosity of the revelation of the spectacle.