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Droplet created from several layers of plastic is a pendant light for downlighting application.

After constant study and observation I managed to obtain a deep knowledge and understanding of thin sheet materials and its special characteristics. Through this knowledge and my love for the transformation from a 2D material to 3D object, Paula’s Paper Process was established. PPP exists of a series of installations and a collection of lights. 

550 mm
550 mm
700 mm
Multiple PP or paper layers

Some of the pendant lights are made of paper and some of them are made of a PP foil. By using several colours, and sometimes a graphic pattern, each version has its own distinctive atmosphere. 

lamp, armatuur, pendel, ceilinglight, verliching, plafondlamp
goed, droplet, verlichting, interieurstyling, interieurdesign
droplet, interiorstyling, interiordesign