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Lighting installation, Fashion & Design hotel Modez

Invited by the creative director Piet Paris, Arntzen was asked to design a lighting installation at the front, top and back of the staircase located in the atrium at the Fashion & Design hotel Modez in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The installation “Heliodiscus” is a collection of lights inspired by the book “Kunstformen der natur” (1904) by German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel. The book contains all sorts of detailed and delicate prints of organisms. The influence of Haeckel’s prints can be found in the draperies and cutting strips that I created by experimenting with transparent polypropylene. The aesthetic form language has resulted in design translations of the beauty of harmonious arrangements of flowers and organisms.

3000 mm
3000 mm
7000 mm
Power coated steel, PP sheets, LED

The strong personal aesthetic form language has resulted in a design translations of the beautiful, harmonious arrangements of flowers and organisms.