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Lighting design, Hofbogen in Rotterdam
Trace of passing is an urban lighting design with the idea to illuminate the old arches underneath the railway viaduct in Rotterdam. (known as the Hofbogen).
Lighting installation, Fashion Biënnale in Arnhem
Paula's Paper Process project manifest itself in the form of four big handmade chandeliers combined with garlands.
Blue Hour
Blue hour, is a light that digital transforms in three different dynamic atmospheres through the use of LED’s and special effects.
Lighting installation, Fashion & Design hotel Modez
Invited by the creative director Piet Paris, Arntzen was asked to design a lighting installation at the front, top and back of the staircase located in the atrium at the Fashion & Design hotel Modez in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
Grand Trianon
Collection “Nouveaux Royal” for the American company Artecnica is characterized by a renewed way of combining elegancy and monumental forms.
Lighting installation for Red light fashion district, Amsterdam
Happy new year! ‘Black Lola Fashion Party’ in the red light fashion district in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Lighting installation for artistic platform Tape
"Pleasure begins as soon as you enter the light- filled space"
La Couronne
La Couronne, 'the crown' is an airy chandelier designed from two pieces copper foil material.
Glass lighting objects for Glass museum Leerdam
The glass objects are the result of an exploration of the symmetry and exquisiteness of Ernst Hackel drawings.
Working within a process to create three-dimensional volumes of two-dimensional sheet material is such a beautiful and poetic process.
Droplet created from several layers of plastic is a pendant light for downlighting application.
Petit Trianon
Petit Trianon is a smaller, detailed version of the Grand Trianon.
The fact that paper and butterflies both have temporary characteristics was a reason to make the collection ‘Butterfly’.
Lighting design for wine bar Tape
Merged and swallowed up by the room to form a single entity.