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As you walk towards the curious and gawkish object, it begins to emit a soft purring sound. This tells you that the object is responsive and encourages further interaction. If you stroke the fur, it will emit distorted meow sounds that are manipulated by the direction your hand moves. Pushing on the object will also alter the sounds, but pressing too hard will make 'Catboard' hiss.
Sweet machine
The automata has the ability to involve a guest in the creation of a dessert to give them the feeling of being involved. An experiment shows us that 70% to 30% is a good balance of feeling involved in the process of making. You can feel the joy of creation while saving effort. It is the right amount of personalization to make the cake even more tasteful.
Together with Julinka Ebhardt, Zekun Chang, Gemma Roper we realized a collaboration project with Korg and the band American OkGo to develop a series of instruments for the song 'Another Set of Issues'.
Woodland Workshop
Along with a group of fourteen other Design Products students from the Royal College of Art, we drove to the woods with as much timber as we could salvage from the graduation show to create a series on on-site structures. Without any boundaries of commissions and restrictions, only to have fun, we let our creative thoughts flow and share and teach each other types of specific skills.
Spielhaus Sedrun
Together with my freshly graduated designer friends of the Royal College of Art in London we developed a playhouse in the Gallery Stalla Libra in the heart of Sedrun in Switzerland. In a redeveloped barn, we created various play stations that ask for skills, creativity and strategic thinking.