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Design concept, Riverside garden, London

Invited by the Dutch Embassy Studio Arntzen developed a design solution for the bedding area of Riverside Garden of the stretched River Thames Path in Nine Elms, London.
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Nine Elms on the South Bank in London is the transformational area between Lambeth Bridge and Chelsea Bridge, which includes Vauxhall town Centre, the new Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Situated in an industrial area, surrounded with trade buildings the Riverside garden is an important public garden that is offering a place for gathering.

The area contains a public garden with curved footway lays alongside the river edge of the Thames and finds it’s grounds in an area that is in constant movement. Water, boats, pedestrians, runners, cyclist, cars, busses and the sun are circulating around the garden. It is a center-point, a turntable of movement.

london, design, ontwerpen, designer, turntable, traintrack

The area is a reverence to the heritage of the Nine Elms Railway Station in 1838. Vauwhall was the end point of the railway where a turntable turned locomotives so that they could be moved back in the direction from which they came. The constant movement of the area, the turntable and the colourful horticulture heritage serves as the inspiration of the installation.

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sketching, turntable, urban, project, ruimtelijkontwerp

360 Degrees is an installation of three objects intended as a reflection on the celebration of the changing environment of Nine Elms by the phenomenon of illusion of movement. Studio Arntzen choose to celebrate change, because it’s focused on hope, promise and possibilities. To translate this is a physical installation we chose to use the perception of movement and depth in moiré effect as a starting point .

object, effect, moire, illusie, transformatie
stedelijke,vormgeving, architect, landschap,archtitect, nineelms

By using the 'optical line interference' (Moiré) in the objects consisting of a overlaid framework of displaced parallel bars, the perceived depth effect, spatial distortion and misalignment will be experienced by the pedestrians and cyclist. 


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