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Entrance Gele Gebouw

A creative and recognizable entrance for the multidisciplinaire office building 'Het Gele Gebouw". Collaboration project with architect Alex Neves.
interior_concept_office_ design

Het Gele Gebouw (the Yellow Building) is part of the 'Zomerhofkwartier' or ZoHo. ZoHo is making a transformation from forgotten area to a vibrant quarter with a mix of living, working and relaxing. In the last couple of years Het Gele gebouw has been transformed from a boring officebuilding to a vibrant business complex with a mix of creators and thinkers, who Interfere with the development of the building, area and city.

Above one of the presented concept designs. A logo is not only the face of an organisation, but also a symbol of the era in which it was created. We choose to make a visual intrepetation of the strong logo of 'het Gele Gebouw' that is drawn from the architectual structure of the building. It feels fresh and shows also the concepts behind the physical manifestation of the mixed people working in the building.  And most off all it creates a fun and dynamic all-over pattern to welcome the visitors.